LIVe and LOVe WHOLEheartfully!

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​As a Mamapreneur, Wellness Lifestyle Expert, Real Estate Consultant, Speaker, Author, and M.O.M aka “Mama on a Mission,” Gigi has helped and impacted thousands through her businesses, foundation, and speaking engagements. She’s the creator of oLIVo Consulting, an international lifestyle consulting business specializing in home, health, and happiness that saves clients time, money and stress. As a Mama on a Mission, she co-founded The W.W.W. Health Foundation with her son. Its mission is to promote health and prevent disease by building healthy families and communities through awareness and grassroots efforts.

Ggi's life changing journey began when her son was born with a broken heart and 2 life-threatening defects. At 5 days old, he was flown to Children’s, had open heart surgery but soon after suffered complications and flatlined. Doctors re-opened his chest,  performed CPR and pumped his tiny heart to revive him. At that moment she made a vow to use her life to touch, teach and transform hearts to help others. Soon after, she realized she had a broken heart of her own and was living a “flatlined” life. She experienced major life adversities such as loss of her health, marriage, job, income, home and hit rock bottom. While suffering from broken heart and chronic stress syndrome, she overcame obstacles and became a resilience expert. She was forced to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and mend it to make it whole again. Gigi designed a program called “Whole Heart Living: 7 Dimensions to Wellness to help herself and others live “wholeheartfully” and achieve success through life balance. 

She has made the “art of balance” her life's work. A former "stressed-out perfectionist," over the past 20 years, Gisella has been active as a speaker, consultant, and community leader advocating children and health issues. She is the author of 2 children's books, "Pump the Bear" and "Pump's Magical Adventures," while conducting interactive health education programs in the underserved markets. Her mission is to impact and improve "Quality of Life while empowering people to make healthy lifestyle choices." 

Some of her certifications include Worksite Wellness Specialist, Health Coach, Health Promotion's Director, Nutritional Counselor, Group Exercise Leader, Zumba Fitness instructor, and International Property Specialist.

Contact: Gisella "Gigi" Olivo - olivoconsultingco@gmail.com or 469.878.8944

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